We Need Some Heroes

What we need right now are some heroes. People that others can look up to. People that will cut through all the hype and craziness, not get overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation and will model the way the rest of us should act.

After seeing what has happened in the rest of the world, it’s pretty obvious that we need to treat this threat with the respect it demands. We need to put politics aside and listen to sane news sources, like the CDC. We need to understand that what each one of us does will make a difference, even if all we do is follow the recommendations that the experts are putting forth.

This is such a classic example of how important it is to think of others more than we think of ourselves. Most of us are in fairly good health without immune system problems. We can still catch it but, again, for the majority of us it will most likely just make us very sick. We don’t need to be thinking so much about ourselves, we need to be thinking of those friends and family members or even someone we might not know that does have health concerns or that is among the elderly.

The truth is that if those of us that are healthy and are not at such a risk will just listen to the experts, we could make a huge difference in how this all plays out. Without knowing it, we could be saving lives. We can certainly help keep the rate of transmission down. Every one of us can play a part and make a difference, and in the real world isn’t that what Real Heroes do?

We need some heroes and those heroes should be us.

(Please go onto the CDC website or some other reputable place to get solid, true, nonpolitical information and do your part. Be a hero)